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How This Works

2. Login or Create your new user account (please see note on home page about privacy)
3. Complete all REQUIRED Fields and optional fields in your listing
4. Make sure you place it in the CORRECT CATEGORY
5. A VALID LOCATION is required – as this helps people when searching by location.
6. Choose an option from 3 Months (free) or 6 Months (free – featured – we will determine this on a listing by listing basis)
7. Submit your Listing
8. We will check it and approve it, if it is not approved due to spam or another reason, we will let you know.
9. Wait for people to start responding to your listings…sign into your DASHBOARD/ACCOUNT to view them and start helping

Why use this site?

Easier to access information, hence Victims2Victors was born. These people are going to need a lot more than immediate support, they will need ongoing long-term support, so why not put it all in one place.

  • Long term solution
  • One place for people to post all listings relating to anything those displaced may be looking for
  • Easily searched specific categories
  • Easily searched specific locations
  • News updates
  • One place to see all listings and receive replies on listings
  • 100% FREE – no catch, listings are not charged for

Who should use this site?

This site is for any person/group/business wanting to list support for anyone needing it. Let’s help make them all VICTORS. They can then contact you directly via your listing (all replies are stored in your own user account) and you too will feel like a VICTOR for helping.

Please remember this site has been built from a place of generosity. We have not asked for any funds and therefore ask that nobody post listings that are (scams or trying to rip people off). Again, being a new site – we may not have everything 100% correct yet and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

 If you have any difficulties using this site, please contact us and let us know.